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You enjoy the finer things in life, so a beautiful, extravagant bouquet of roses is ideal for you.

What's the Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?

You are also resilient, and can weather the storm, just like a flower which grows, withers, and comes back stronger. The birth flowers of Gemini are lavender and lily of the valley flowers. If you were born under the sign of Cancer , your birth flowers are any that are pure white in colour, especially white roses.

Sun in Libra Horoscopes

Like a Leo , these flowers are bold, bright and dramatic. A huge bouquet of colourful sunflowers, marigolds and other bright flowers such as orange gerberas are perfect for a Leo. The birth flowers for those born under the sign of Libra are bluebells and large roses , although other flowers such as hydrangeas, asters, and large daises are also associated with this sign.

The birth flowers for you if you were born under Sagittarius are carnations! This beautiful flower comes in a wide range of colours, although pink and white carnations are most suited to Sagittarius.

Blooming Into Zodiac Flower Signs and Meanings

Loveable and fun, Sagittarians will love this classic flower for its uncomplicated, pretty appearance. The birth flowers for anybody born under the sign of Capricorn are pansy and ivy flowers. Orchid flowers are commonly associated as the birth flower for Aquarians. A non-conventional and forward thinking sign, Aquarians are also suited to non-conventional, striking flowers such as birds of paradise, elderberry, kiwi and fruit trees.

The birth flower for the sign of Pisces is water lilies , particularly those with sea green or crimson blooms.

Leo Zodiac Sign (July 23 - August 22) - Personality Traits, Horoscope

Pisces are incredibly spiritual and intuitive, and water lilies are the symbolic flower of development, growth, progress and purity making them perfect for a Piscerian. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Call now… Aries March 21 st — April 19 th If you were born under the sign of Aries , your birth flowers are honeysuckle and thistle.

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Aries are sometimes known as being bad-tempted however they are also very affections, motivated and organised. The birth flower for Aries is widely recognised as thistle and honeysuckle. The main feature of those born under the sign of Taurus horoscope is their stubbornness, but they are also known for being sensuous and sensitive.

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  5. Nurture their sensuous and sensitive side by sending some scented flowers like lilies or roses are the best choice for Taurus! Geminis are know for their double-sided personality, they are deeply expressive and introspective. They often excel in artistic professions and are known for their creative nature and big imagination. Those born under the sign of Cancer are known to be funny, sweet, good natured and easy to get along with.

    White flowers of many kinds are known as their birth flower, especially white roses.

    Find The Perfect Flower For Your Zodiac Sign!

    Perhaps the pure white colour has something to do with purity of spirit which those born under the Cancer sign certainly seem to possess? Those born under the sign of Leo are said to love fun and are especially creative or love creative things such as dance, music or art. Their birth flowers for Leo are sunflowers or Orange Gerbera which of course are as bright and cheerful as they come.

    These would make the perfect gift for a Leo. Virgos are caring, friendly and are known for being perfectionists in many ways as well as having a keen eye for detail. Unsurprisingly the flowers attributed to Virgo are small and tidy flowers such as buttercups, narcissus and chrysanthemums or morning glory.