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Astrological yogas for an early marriage-I

Site Map Contact Us. All rights reserved. The reasons behind late or delay in marriages : Often, there is such yoga in the horoscope that creates the problem or trouble in getting married, despite of having done lots and lots of yagnas and remedies. Sometimes, Mars is good for marriage and traditional astrologers just see Manglik placements and start blaming Lord Mangal for the marital issues.

Even few astrologers comment that "If the person has got married in spite of Mangal dosh then there are chances for discord in the marriage, hence the marriage between two manglik's is a probable solution here, as it will reduce the effect of Mangal defects". Inspite of such myths, a good astrologer must look planet Mars in detail and check if Mars is really creating difficulty in marriage or not.

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Saptamesh's strength : If the owner of the seventh house in horoscope of the person is having connection with weak houses like 6, 8, 12 etc. If the planet Jupiter is weak : If Jupiter in the horoscope is suffering from evil planets, if it comes in the influence of the Saturn, or arrive in malefic Nakshtras, the person will have to face the problem in marriage and married life.

Venus being in debilitation sign : If the planet Venus is weak in the horoscope of horoscope, then person has to face lack of pleasure in sexual life but a good astrologer needs to check planet Venus properly if it is placed in good Nakshtras or not.

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The Navamsha Horoscope: According to astrology, this horoscope can be accurately tells quality of married life along with life partner of a person. If a person has a defect in this Navamsa horoscope then obstacles will arise in the marriage of the person. It has also been given measures for early marriage which are as follows : Unmarried people get married soon after reading the Argalastram from Durga Saptashati everyday.


Worship energized Venus Shukra Yantras. As a means of early marriage, worship Ganesh ji and worship them with sweets laddus. Doing this, obstacles coming in the way of marriage go away, while worshiping Ganpati Maharaj one should take the help of Malpua.

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Establish idol of Lord Krishna at the place of worship for prompt marriage. On each Thursday put a pinch of turmeric in the water and take bath.

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This leads to the success of marriage. Saffron should be consumed in the food; doing so may have the possibility of getting married early. Always respect people who are older to you.

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By doing this, you receive their blessings. Burn the lamp of pure ghee in front of the banana tree on Thursday and pronounce mantras for Lord Jupiter. Wearing of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is also recommended for speeding the marriage process. On wedding day, wrap the turmeric lump in a yellow cloth under pillows.

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Even in our country the trend of early marriage is changing very fast and even thirty or so year ago, the girls were generally married around the age of twenty years or even before. But nowadays it is common to see a girl marrying after Know causes of delay in marriage and get remedial for an early marriage on the basis of exact degree of calculations of stars. Why has my marriage been delayed? Is there any fortune in coming time?

How can I make my marriage happen early?

Do's and Don'ts to Avoid Delay in Marriage

Get answers to all these questions. There could be astrological reasons, and yes it is so because we have seen various horoscopes where there is either a problem in the marriage house or the problem in the lord of the seventh house. Astrokapoor is one of the largest website of India which provides Online astrological consultancy for a delayed marriage. It has been seen that delay in marriage is caused due to the lofty aspirations about the type of the desired partner.

Sometime the high expectation of the girl and the boy families also causes a delay in the marriage. It also happens that the boy or the girl wants to marry someone, but that person is not so eager to marry or is only interested in a temporary relation. One needs to be careful and look for another instead of waiting for someone who is just playing with the emotions.

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